How Does Your Cargo Go? – Air Freight Forwarding

How Does Your Cargo Go? – Air Freight Forwarding

When you need to have merchandise or luggage get somewhere fast, shipping companies will ship the cargo by air, provided the cargo complies with air freight criteria. Only light packages that conform to the required dimensions can be sent via air freight, which limits packaging weight and size.

Of course, air freight is more expensive than sea freight, but in many cases the sender or recipient (or both) are happy to pay more to ensure the merchandise or cargo gets to its destination as quickly as possible.

TDY Cargo, with more than 30 years of international shipping experience under its belt, handles air freight forwarding with expertise and care. From packing methods and transportation channels, to optimization and constant monitoring of cargo, TDY keeps its finger on the pulse of every shipment to ensure that it reaches its destination with full integrity, accountability and in the shortest time frame possible.

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