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TDY Cargo Relocation Services

Relocating and need to ship your belongings? 

TDY CARGO offers you professional, efficient and dependable service to assist you with your relocation. 

For over 40 years, our senior staff has been providing relocation solutions and improving customer service for customers who are relocating for study or work purposes, or pursuing a temporary or permanent new life abroad.

TDY CAGO offers the following services:

  • Preparation of a customized relocation plan, including free consultation
  • Formulation of a well-planned and detailed relocation model together with customers
  • Packing of entire household contents and personal belongings
  • Preparation of all paperwork and documentation required for air or sea shipping
  • Arranging all official customs clearances at international ports of entry
  • Air/sea shipping of personal belongings including valuables
  • Real time tracking of shipment
  • Transportation of vehicles
  • Transportation of pets
  • Storage in transit
  • Contents insurance

We have compiled a general relocation guide for our customers. You are always welcome to contact us for a free private consultation.

Important Steps You Need to Take For Your Relocation

You’ve made the decision to relocate? Congratulations and best of luck!

Moving to a new country can be complicated and grueling if it’s not planned and managed properly, so to help facilitate a smoother move to your new home, we’ve compiled a list of all steps in the process. If you follow our recommendations, think things through, plan well and be patient – you’ll have an easier, simpler and more pleasant relocation experience.

Begin your preparations around two months before your date of departure. There are plenty things to take care of. Make travel arrangements for you and your family. Plan your arrival so that you land after all your belongings have already reached their destination – and we recommend moving in to your new home before the movers arrive and begin to unload your belongings. Think about all the small details the travel arrangements will entail. For example, is your pet relocating with you? If the answer is yes, inquire about any necessary vaccinations, how pets are accommodated on the flight, and other related arrangements. Are you taking your vehicle with you? If the answer is yes, it’s best to plan your arrival so that your it’s already waiting for you at the port when you land. If the answer is no, plan how you intend to travel from the airport to your new home.

Contact all your service providers (Internet, telephone, insurance, bank, etc.), and get your important paperwork in order at least one month before your departure. For example, if you change your home address on your ID before you move, you’ll avoid the headache of bills mailed to your old mailing address, unnecessary demands for payment on social security, or even a water, gas or power cut at your old house which could be a real problem for the new tenants. Make a list of all companies that have provided you with services in Israel and all companies whose services you’ll need abroad. Prepare a file or folder and use it for filing all paperwork related to the move. Check requirements for a driver’s license and apply for an international driver’s license from the Postal Bank. Organize all your important papers, such as passports, tax returns, receipts for social security payments and so on, and take them with you on the flight. Make copies of everything and send them in your container with the rest of your belongings.

Before relocation, it’s wise to go through all the items that have been lying hidden somewhere in your house. Now is the time to bid farewell to items you haven’t seen or used in years. Here’s how: Reevaluate everything you own, regardless of its original cost or who gave it to you. Keep in mind the reasons you’re relocating and the constraints of your new home, and sort accordingly. Leave items behind such as books you haven’t read and probably never will, unfinished projects you’ll never finish, and the like. If your new home is furnished, check exactly to what degree and leave behind items you’ll no longer need. Distribute personal items you’re considering disposing of amongst your friends and family. It will be comforting to know they’re in good hands, and it’ll make it easier to part with them (especially old or valuable items). If you still find yourself surrounded by lots of items which haven’t found a new home, have a garage sale and sell them to neighbors or friends for a bit of small change. This will also save you the cost of transporting them elsewhere, and will give you some spending money for the new items you’ll need to purchase after your relocation. You can obviously also donate items to charity.

After you’ve said goodbye to all the things you don’t need, it’s time to contact TDY CARGO. We’ll send a professional team to pack your belongings in the most efficient way possible.
Prepare a written list or take pictures of all your belongings. This will be useful when you want to compare what you packed with what is actually delivered to your new home, and make sure nothing is missing. This list will also help you determine how many boxes you need, and will help us prepare a price quotation and work plan.
Our next task is to prepare all packaging materials. We can make use of many of your existing items for this purpose. For example, towels, sheets, blankets and old pillows can be used to pad boxes that contain fragile items.
Here are some of the guidelines we follow during the packing process:
– We first pack items you use less frequently (they are placed at the bottom of the box).
– We concentrate on one room at a time, and focus on each task instead of the whole house at once. 
– We mark each box with a list of its contents, as well as which room it should go to in your new home. Some boxes are also marked with special notes, such as “Caution: Fragile” on a box containing breakable items.
– We group all valuable items, such as sentimental gifts, and pack them separately so you can easily access them later on.
– We recommend waiting until the week of the move to do the following: Back up all data on your computer and take the backups with you on your flight. The computers themselves will be safe with us. Gather all the keys, alarm codes, locks, etc. in one place, and organize them so that they can be easily transferred to the next tenant or the real estate agency. Finally, go through all the rooms we’ve packed, and check closets, drawers and other storage spaces to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything.

All arrangements should be ready no later than two weeks before your departure. Confirm with us that all shipping components are good to go. Pay and close all your accounts in Israel. Confirm the procedures for transferring your house to the new tenants and taking residence of your new house from the previous tenants or real estate agency.
Prepare contingency plans in the event you can’t move into your new home. Where will you stay? Where will you store your belongings? How will you have your new home cleaned before you bring in your belongings? Do you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional company abroad?
Make sure you have someone to watch your children on the day you expect your container to arrive, or consider designating one of the rooms in the house as a “safe room” where they can be comfortable without intrusion. Make sure all the infrastructure in your new home is in working order, including electricity, water, Internet and so on.
> The most important thing is to stay calm and feel in control. Our goal is to give you complete peace of mind and we are committed to doing whatever we can to maintain your sanity and composure. Relocation is not simple or easy, but remember that you’ve made the decision and you’ve chosen to do it for the sake your family and for your own benefit, and to improve your quality of life. That’s why it’s important take things slow and easy, so that the entire process is as stress-free and manageable as possible.


Maaleh Adumim
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“Thank you to the incredible staff in Israel for their top-notch service. They came on time, just as we requested, and demonstrated professionalism and responsibility. Thank you for everything! We’ll definitely recommend you in future.”
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“We would like to thank you for your help with shipping our belongings from San Diego to Israel. Everything arrived safely. The service we received in the US was excellent, as was all the help with logistics and other arrangements in Israel.”
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